Project name: “Co-Safe” (Comparison of  Occupational Healthy and Safety Policies and Conditions in EU Countries and Adaptation of Good Practices at VET Schools)

Period: 2011 - 2013

Programme: Lifelong Learning, Leonardo da Vinci Partnership

Coordinator: Kayseri İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü (Kayseri Provincial Directorate of National Education) (Turkey) - Public authority (regional)


  • Quarter Mediation - Organisation developing activities with a wide impact at European level (NFP-WIDE)
  • Zentralstelle für Berufsbildung im Handel e.V. (zbb) - Other type of Not for Profit body (NFP-OTH)
  • VŠĮ Švietimo ir kultūros mobiliųjų technologijų institutas (Institute of Mobile Technologies for Education and Culture  (IMOTEC)) - Other type of educational organisation (EDU-OTH)
  • VšĮ "eMundus" (associated partner of VšĮ IMOTEC)
  • Technical University in Zvolen - University or higher education institution (tertiary level) (EDU-UNIV)
  • Vocational training centre " Arte e Fare società cooperativa" - Vocational training centre or organisation (EDU-VET)


Educational institutions, which provide vocational education services or courses are the first model or pilot of real life labour market and their main interest is to give best skills and knowledge to the learners to prepare them for future labour market. Additionally, the main aim for employers is to employ qualified people with professional skills and competence. For this reason, the project ‘Co-SAFE’ will focus on raising awareness and knowledge of target group such as administrators, trainers, trainees and teachers who are concerned with this field. The project mainly concentrates on comparison of VET systems and practices, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) trainings and implementations at institutions which provide VET services and EU policies related to the topic in participant countries. The aim of cooperation among participant countries is to increase knowledge of not only for the project participants but also the other parties of VET institutions. Therefore, we seek wider collaboration with other institutions and cascade methodology effect which is always aimed of the wider usage of the results and stringer benefit. Project outputs are: a guideline of training on OHS considering the EU standards, a report for decision makers, a booklet for VET administrators and trainers, and visual material for students about possible OHS accidents and diseases. All products and activities will be presented in special album documenting the project course. What is more, the effects of our cooperation will be edited and published in English and also in partners’ national languages in forms of brochures, project platform and multimedia files. LDV programme will also be promoted among local community using media and other dissemination and exploitation ways.

Particular goals which were accomplished during the project

  • Getting to know and to compare partner countries’ standards and procedures of occupational safety and healthy rules and their implementation at VET schools and institutions (analysis),
  • Increasing awareness of decision makers and staff and trainees on occupational safety and healthy policies at European level,
  • Knowing the documents about occupational safety and healthy standards at EU countries,
  • Becoming acquainted with new working methods and  implementations in different countries and experience exchange of administrators and teachers,
  • Comparing vocational educational systems in different countries and elaborating materials concerning this topic,
  • Getting to know the culture and customs of partner countries and promoting of LLP and LDV programs.


  • Workshops with participation of regional administrators, VET stakeholder representatives
  • Online platform concerning the project's activities, information posters and brochures and for communication purposes
  • Publication of materials concerning the project realization by local media
  • A competition among students to design visuals for demonstrating at visibility area such as posters, warnings related to safety rules or occupational injuries and diseases
  • A booklet by staff and administrators; confrontation of theory and practice after comparing good practices related to improve the quality of VET schools and training in partner countries
  • Album documenting actions concerning the project
  • Report for policy makers and administrators; on partner countries standards and procedures of occupational safety and healthy rules and their implementations at schools and institutions
  • Preparing final documents of a guideline for training on occupational accidents and diseases for VET trainees to raise awareness of them on the subject and prepare them for future labour market
  • International conference on Occupational Health and Safety at Occupational Health and Safety Week celebrations