About us

About us

Public institution “eMundus” was established in 2009 in order to streamline research and implementation activities in the area of education and the use and adaptation of information and communication technologies in different spheres. Since the beginning of 2012 the vision was supplemented taking very important aspect for the society development - cultural and healthy lifestyle promotion as well green activities and social responsibility development and fostering.

The mission of eMundus is actively promote the knowledge society, while creating and developing services related to innovations, ICT as well cultural aspects, healthy lifestyle, practical adaptation of them in education and community activities, seeking to ensure the quality of cooperation and unity between different generations and different social groups.

The team seeks:

  • to find solutions how to solve problems in education sphere in purpose to create effective education environment, which would be available for everyone and will attract the learner; 
  • to develop critical thinking activities, educational approach towards real-world problems solving, updating educational curricula with new methods of teaching and learning
  • to create technological solutions which would be effectively used in education;
  • to make research, trainings in the field of STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) - to foster the use in educational way natural resources and cultural assets, to promote the ways how to learn from nature, how to develop creativity and grow internally.
  • to develop and promote slow living (to live in that way and as well to develop activities/projects and suggest courses on slow food, slow city, slow parenting topics)
  • to create possibilities and conditions for lifelong learning while guaranty the quality of educational services; 
  • to collaborate with different national and international educational institutions (universities, secondary schools, adult education centres, professional schools, etc.), associations, museums, enterprises; 
  • to find the ways that new methodologies and information communication technologies would be used in teaching and learning effectively. 

eMundus voluntarily embeds corporate social responsibility into its organizational culture through the creation of a sustainability policy that outlines its commitment to and strategy for internally and externally focusing all its activities on realizing a Triple Bottom Line (TBL), i.e. economic prosperity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We, as institution which promotes courses, projects for the society, always try to select the way for better, healthier, greener living. Our ideas and actions, also material we develop and promote is focused not only on the quality of life, but also on how to achieve that quality so that we are user-friendly, respect the environment and other people.