Public institution "eMundus" is open to national and international student and volunteer internship offers.

Internship is an independent work experience in Lithuanian or foreign companies, institutions or organizations in order to acquire practical knowledge related to the subject.

In our institution, everyone who is proactive, creative, responsible, open-minded, responsible and willing to get acquainted with the activities and subtleties of international projects can take formal practice while developing practical skills in different areas:

More about intership topics and areas you could find here.

Feedback from our interns:

3 months internship in eMundus gave me an opportunity to deepen the knowledge in different fields: design, administration, websites development and maintainance, communication, English language improvement. The variety of projects' topics - from social, healthy lifestyles to digital educational ones - broadened the horizons and stimulated interest in these topics from a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. The internship later transfered to employement.

I really like and appreciate how the work is organized for each employee and teamwork - the distribution of individual tasks according to abilities to achieve common goals. A lot of benefits and understanding came from general regular discussions of completed and planned work, feedback, timely problem solving, chalenges or errors analysis.

During the internship and my work here, I improve my English language skills as I help in international projects development area, as well as I develop the ability to work in a team, although until then I was an individualist, since I started my internship I learned to ask for help, to plan time, to manage stress, also I gained new IT knowledge, improved information flow and data management. I gained a lot of confidence and encouragement in developing the visual products of the projects, I had the opportunity to improve my skills - to participate in various courses.

Edita 2018

My experience there had a positive impact on my life, not only in the working environment but also in the social one. I had the perfect mentor. The enthusiasm and passion she puts in both her life and job gave me the motivation to improve myself every day. My questions were always answered, she always shared her experiences with me and involved me in all the activities and events organised by the institutions.

I loved my experience in Kaunas and I would apply for the same place if I had to do it all over again!

Angela, Student of international master in Project Planning and Management, 2018

After our meeting with eMundus staff, I immediately had the feeling that the job they were doing was very important and that having an internship there was the right choice for me. And I was right!

The work environment is perfect for those who are looking to test themselves and to learn. My tutor never left me behind and involved me in all the activities of the company, from project implementation to project designing, giving me the freedom to work on my own and supervising the process of learning by doing, choosing the right time to intervene and guide me with precious feedback.

Patrizio, Student of international master in Project Planning and Management, 2019

The tasks I had to perform had been various and interesting and they gave me full knowledge on the administration of a European Project. Moreover I was able to express my ideas and put them into new proposal which has been submitted to the Lithuanian National agency. All eMundus staff people are incredible professionals and human beings who taught me a lot and welcomed me in their Lithuanian community.

Giovanni, Student of international master in Project Planning and Management, 2019

My internship was online and I had a good succes with that, I gained a lot of valuable experience in general and the very first translation experience in teh company. The texts I got to translate were interesting and at the same time quite difficult seeing the contant, expressions, but it was a benefit for me, as otherwise the practice would be insignificant and pointless. Motivation was also provided by the fact that the translated texts will be used for educational purposes and educational activities, they will be read and useful for educators from various institutions: schools, kindergartens, colleges. Because of these target areas, there was a greater desire to do everything with the precise knowledge that these translations will be useful will have some value.

Povilas, 4th year bachelor student in study programme Translation of Technical Texts, the Faculty of Social sciences, Art and Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology, 2019

I am delighted to have joined the eMundus team, first as an intern and now as an employee. The team is small, so it has a very cozy atmosphere. We care for each other, I would say, almost like in a family. The team is working on very interesting projects, I learn a lot of new things every day. The work is really dynamic, while working I also test myself both by contributing to the theoretical part of the projects (intellectual outputs development) and to the technological and technical parts (technical support, development of software, App). It is also important to mention that from the very beginning, the manager of eMundus provided me with excellent conditions to start- I can easily combine studies with eMundus activities, I met many new people, experts in various fields, I even had trip to Athens during the first internship days.!

Vaiva, 2nd year bachelor student at the Faculty of Informatics, Kaunas University of Technology, 2019

The internship in eMundus was really inviting and interesting for me, because everything was focused on the field of education, which falls within my area of ​​interest. Internship I had was mostly online but communication with my tutor was frequent and I got help and answers to my questions ontime when I needed. By translating the texts presented by this organization, I also gained a general understanding of socio-emotional education and always received feedback from my tutor, which helped me to improve the quality of the translations. The challenge I had to overcome was the terminology, as I did not always find the right equivalent in Lithuanian for translating from English and vice versa, but the tutor always corrected and advised which term to use before finalizing the text, if not clear, I would always refer to it during translation. The internship took place online, so I was able to combine study and work. Overall, the internship has benefited me from both the translation and the human side, as I feel contributed to the useful activities by giving teachers / parents or other people who will use the translated material access to the information they need. Thank you for your time and opportunities for improvement.

Andrej, 4th year bachelor student in study programme Translations in technical language, the Faculty of Social sciences, Art and Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology, 2020

It was an experience I would recommend to anyone. My tutor was an incredibly thougthful and caring person, always ready to help. The working environment was very friendly and all collaborators were considerate and loving. Since the beginning all eMundus staff made me feel home.

However, I also worked a lot, learning everyday from the many tasks I was assigned to. From dissemination to project writing, I had the opportunity to see and be involved in the many aspects of European project planning, implementation and management.

In my case, there was only one downside: I did not see enough snow! Maybe, you will be luckier!

StefanoStudent of international master in Project Planning and Management, 2020

I am glad to have and sucesfully completed an internship at eMundus. The internship took place remotely, so there were none problems in combining studies with work. The team was always helpful - helped to overcome challenges related to the practical tasks and provided the necessary information to ensure the quality of the work. I really recommend this place.

Domantas, 4th year bachelor student in study programme Translation of Technical Texts, the Faculty of Social sciences, Art and Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology, 2020

During the 4 weeks of internship, I gained a lot of useful knowledge that I have used so far. The topic of the internship was public relations, but I gained knowledge in design and in translation as well (which was very useful). Although the internship was online, there were weekly or more frequent meetings on the ZOOM platform with team members and my tutor. As a result, I got all needed attention and guidance. I recommend everyone to do an internship in this organization, I promise you will not regret!

Beata, Kaunas College, Faculty Art and Education, study programme: Public relations in English language, 2020

The internship at “eMundus” organization provided me with a great opportunity to apply my theoretical, university-acquired knowledge in real work practice. Whenever I had to face any challenges while translating texts, it was always interesting to try and overcome them, and I always knew that I could turn to the mentor who was there to help me with all the questions. Pleasant cooperation and communication throughout the internship allowed me to feel strong, confident and not afraid to make mistakes, I knew I would always get feedback that would help me learn from my mistakes. Furthermore, I am glad that I chose this company because the internship was easily compatible with my studies, so I did not have to face any difficulties in this area. If I had to repeat my internship, I would be more than happy to come back and work at “eMundus”. I could recommend it to anyone who seeks to improve and learn!

Berta, Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities, the 4th year bachelor student in study program English Philology, 2021

I had a traineeship at eMundus for a few months, but it was a very useful experience. During the internship, I was able to test the skills I had acquired during my studies and gain new practical knowledge and other work experience. Translating Erasmus+ curricula (from/into English/Lithuanian) was often not an easy task, as I had to familiarise myself with the context of each project, the terms, and the English texts were written by non-English speakers, but it was a very useful way to improve. The texts I translated were really interesting and I learnt a lot of new information about different educational challenges and solutions. Even though the internship was online, there was always fluent and constent communication between me and the eMundus team, and I was able to get a quick answer or the support I needed, whatever the challenge I was facing at the time. I rate my internship at eMundus highly and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their professional knowledge but also develop their personal skills. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable professional skills.

Nojus, 4th year Vilnius University KHF English and Swedish language study programme's student, 2024